1. Download JaCaMo from here and unzip it.

  2. Make sure you have JACAMO_HOME properly set (this variable points to a directory with subdirectories libs and scripts of JaCaMo), then setup the PATH:

    export PATH=$JACAMO_HOME/scripts:$PATH
  3. Ensure you have JDK_HOME properly set (this variable points to a Java Development Kit (JDK) directory)


  1. Create a new project with

    jacamo-new-project ../somewhere/helloworld

    Examples of agent, artifact and organization are placed in the src folder.

  2. And run it with

    jacamo ../somewhere/helloworld/helloworld.jcm

If you have Gradle installed, you can also run the application with

cd ../somewhere/helloworld
gradle -q

and create an eclipse project with

gradle eclipse

If you use the Atom editor, the following packages provide syntax highlight for AgentSpeak (the Jason language) and JCM projects: language-jcm and language-agentspeak.



Other scripts


Creates a single jar file with all resources to run the application

jacamo-jar some.jcm

the application can then be run by

java -jar some.jar