Comparison of the different solutions for coordination

Some comparison criteria:

oriented to mechanism coordination requirements acquaintances explicit protocol centralized performance
agent ACL - simple inside ACL YP no no 2p + p2 messages1
environment action/perception - simpler mixed2 Cartago YP no no3 2+p actions + p2 perceptions
organization schemes - complex outside Moise by roles yes no3 idem env
              + org actions + org perception

Remark: the organization is better for open systems, however it costs something (complexity of the application and performance).

ACL = Agent Communication Language YP = Yellow pages

p = number of participants



p announce messages, p winner messages (so 2p), p bids to all participants (so p2)


the agents still need to know when to bid, but some rules of the protocol can be externalized in the artifact


several artifacts, one for each auction

Author: Jason Team

Created: 2016-05-13 Fri 13:01

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