Practical work on Agent Oriented Programming

First steps in Jason

  • To start learning and using Jason, we will follow the official tutorial on the Jason website where you can learn how to install Jason and write some Jason Program.


  • Do the tutorial starting at the step "Execution of an example"
  • Note: this tutorial use the JEDIT IDE, but you can do it without any difficulties using the ECLIPSE IDE, in case of problems for the creation of a project, of agents, just have a look here.
  • Do the following changes to the "sending hello" exercise:
    • Create another agent called "alice" who sends "bonjour" ("bom dia", "bon giorno" or "hello" are also accepted) to bob ;
    • Change "bob"'s code so that as soon as he receives a message, he replies to the sender with the same content ;
    • Change the code of the agents "bob" and "alice" so that they fall into an infinite loop of message exchanges.


The list of all available standard actions are described in the jason.stdlib package described in the standard documentation (available here)

Some hints on debugging Agent Programs

  • Coming Soon

Further steps in Jason

  • Coming Soon

Olivier Boissier, Rafael Bordini, Jomi Hubner, Alessandro Ricci, June 2014