Welcome to the JaCaMo Project Website!

JaCaMo is a framework for Multi-Agent Programming that combines three separate technologies, each of them being well-known on its own and developed for a number of years so they are fairly robust and fully-fledged.

JaCaMo is a combination of:

  • Jason – for programming autonomous agents
  • Cartago – for programming environment artifacts
  • Moise – for programming multi-agent organisations

thus covering all levels of abstractions that are required for the development of sophisticated multi-agent systems.

You can download the JaCaMo platform here. The JaCaMo platform being a combination of three platforms, the JaCaMo platform is distributed under the licences of each platform, i.e. available open source and under GNU LGPL.

You can also download some slides and an example of a multi-agent system developed with JaCaMo here.

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